The Benefits Of Regular Auditing

There are many benefits to performing regular auditing which include the following:


  • Reduced Network Outages – Spectrum Telecom can detect issues before they disrupt Network Operations.
  • Verify Resilience – Inspect complex configurations, diagnosing latent problems. Simulate failures to test network resiliency and predict the impact on services, resources and security.
  • Enhanced Staff Productivity – Proactive identification of configuration errors can greatly reduce problems handled by the networking staff.

All Checklists are incorporated in Spectrum’s Audit Trail to ensure quality levels are sustained and accountability is delivered for the client.

Network Auditing

Spectrum has an in-house team of inspectors and auditors to ensure the quality of our installations and give the customer a solution to meet the highest standards.

We routinely audit work on installed sites for operators and equipment vendors. This work is based on a solid reputation built up over many years which has earned the respect of all our clients. We monitor and analyse the quality of a network in a practical and cost effective way through real time monitoring of the customer experience.

Clients are notified about critical issues and comprehensive results are published and a review process is managed to ensure all appropriate action is taken. We also show our customers how their delivered quality compares against KPI’s that are relevant to their Business Performance.

Typically this covers:

  • Structure Inspection
  • Climb Downs
  • Rigging Quality
  • Equipment Schedules
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Optimisation
  • Reporting and Recommendations

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