Project: Eir BTS Project
Location: Killavullen, County Cork
Client: Eir

Spectrum Telecom Installation Ltd has completed the design, construction, rigging, commissioning, and testing of a 36m monopole and all associated telecoms equipment on a compact site for long term client Eir mobile.

Spectrum’s efficient project solution and past performance set the company apart from its competition in being awarded this complex site.

The project is part of an infrastructure expansion of the Eir mobile network into the depths of regional Ireland supporting, Eir, to infill black spots on their network.

Spectrum were engaged as both the designer and main contractor for the civil engineering, rigging, and commissioning scope. The full project covered:

  • Surveys
  • Planning applications and road closure permits
  • Groundworks and civils design
  • Civils installation
  • Craneage for monopole installation
  • Traffic permits and traffic management

Spectrum supplied all labour, plant, materials, traffic management – project managing all aspects of the build from greenfield to completion. This was a particularly difficult site, with limited access.

Project Deliverables

  • Site Clearance
  • Installation of 5.2×5.2×1.25m concrete monopole base including rebar, holding down bolts and template for monopole and all ducting
  • Fibre ducting to existing Fibre Chamber in Eir Exchange
  • Power ducting to existing Esb pole
  • Earthing system to concrete base
  • Installation of outdoor metre cabinet
  • Installation of 36m monopole

Challenges and Solutions
Planning and Programming
To implement the smooth running of this project, on a site with limited access and space, Spectrum prepared a detailed plan and programme of works, with sufficient project management and site supervision to ensure works were delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

Access Constraints
Installation of a 36m monopole at this site was a challenge and involved coordination and careful planning in advance with the local County Council for a Road closure permit, the craneage company and Spectrum’s in-house Traffic Management team. All crews worked together on the day and the installation was exemplary, with the monopole being assembled, installed, and certified to climb in one 10-hour shift.

Stakeholder Management
The planning and sequence of works in such a short time-frame required meticulous hour-by-hour planning and coordination between all stakeholders.


  • Successful completion of the project in accordance with the customer specifications and time-frame.
  • Highly qualified multi-functional teams, that are in-house and highly motivated to get the job done.
  • Integration of supply chain partners and other key stakeholders to provide the necessary permits, approvals, and delivery mechanism.

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