Project: Huawei Design and Build for Eir Network Upgrade
Location: Mardyke Emporium, Bantry, County Cork
Client: Huawei for Eir

Spectrum Telecom Installations Limited has completed a key network deployment project for the Eir network in Cork City. The turnkey scope covered the upgrade the capacity of the network and improve its internet and coverage for the local hospital.

Spectrum provides a full end to end solutions package across civils, fixed and wireless technologies and managed services throughout Ireland.

Project Deliverables

  • Technical survey
  • License Drawings
  • Detailed Design
  • Site installation:
    • Removal of existing equipment via crane. Road closure and traffic management plan required from Cork County Council
    • Removal of feeder system via rope access speciality team
    • Installation of ballast mounts using speciality roofing team
    • Removal of existing RBS equipment and installation of outdoor cabinet
    • Integration of site
    • Call tests for all technologies
    • Issue the handover pack
  • As Build Design

Challenges and Solutions
Capacity limitations
Existing antennas were installed directly on the roof which was a challenge due to the capacity limitation. Spectrum designed a solution that eliminated the roof capacity problem by installing the steelwork structure supported by the walls.

Access constraints in the city centre
The site installation involved limited access to the site, small working areas and a city centre location. Road closures were arranged and site logistics carefully planned through close liaison with Cork City Council and seamless worksite planning. Weekend works were also included to minimise disruption and support the required closures.

Absorbing design changes
The site had to be redesigned whilst the build was ongoing. A swift, integrated response from Spectrum’s design and build teams overcame this obstacle. Eight stand-offs were landed by hand through the wooden parapet into the wall so that the whole ballast could be landed onto the stand-offs.

Covid-19 protocols
With the site being located on the roof of the Mercy University Hospital during the Covid pandemic, our telecoms build manager held a number of pre-construction meetings, liaising with all stakeholders – including the hospital’s maintenance department – and created a thoroughly considered plan. Trust was built with the site providers, such that they granted our teams access through the service departments with strict Covid adherence and vetting. The patients were not interrupted in the slightest throughout the build.


  • Spectrum’s Network Deployment offering includes an in-house design team that can deliver solutions for complex problems, within a limited time frame.
  • Our in-house riggers are fully integrated with the design department, such that any issued can be resolved without delay.
  • Customers can expect a quick delivery for turnkey solution.
  • Planning and stakeholder management can be managed sensitively providing unparalleled levels of trust in the most complicated situations.

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