Telecommunications maintenance Spectrum Telecom

Reactive Maintenance – Network Faults

  • Transmission
  • Antenna System Faults (VSWR/PIM/ICM/RSSI/External Interference)
  • Radio Base Station
  • Power Supply Systems
  • Lightning Protection Systems

Network Maintenance

Spectrum Telecom provide First Line Maintenance (FLM) services to network providers in Ireland

Spectrum Telecom provide First Line Maintenance (FLM) services to network providers in Ireland. As the deployment of the networks in Ireland comes to a conclusion, we envisage that our core business will shift towards maintenance support rather than network construction. Our long term aim is to increase the maintenance services we can offer to our existing partners.

Spectrum’s nationwide presence in Ireland affords us the opportunity of being able to offer FLM services to any location in the country within the specified timeframe. This combined with our commitment to quality and our expertise makes Spectrum an ideal partner in providing FLM.

Base Station Support

Ongoing Support is provided through our Base Station Support Maintenance (BSSM) service as external elements can consistently provide a challenge for all sites. Realising this challenge and the need to proactively prolong the lifetime of your equipment, our BSSM service covers the following key areas:

  • Access tracks
  • Structure Analysis (Monopoles, Stayed Poles, Towers, Wooden Poles)
  • Certification of Fall Arrest Systems
  • Landscaping
  • Building/Cabin/Cabinet Checklist
  • Indoor & Outdoor Equipment
  • Antenna Systems
  • Standby Generator (Service/Test)
  • Earth Testing
  • Validate Drawings
  • Identify LOS issues before they arise

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