Spectrum Telecom is a key telecommunication provider in Ireland and therefore has been deemed as an essential service for our Clients.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has challenged all of us as individuals and as a company. Spectrum Telecom is always available to support our staff and our clients throughout this crisis, and by working together, we will come out of this stronger than ever before.

To ensure the Safety and Health of our staff on site and that of our friends and families, we operate in line with government guidance, while improving existing safety control measures.

Safety remains our top priority.


We will continue to engage with the mainstream developments and interventions that the government has announced (and will be announcing) for employers and businesses generally, to ensure that there are no barriers.

It is crucial for us to reassure staff with regular updates on the actions the company is taking to reduce the risks of COVID-19 exposure in the workplace.

We are aware of the immense effort and sense of solidarity that is on full display by Spectrum Staff across Ireland. We continue to be inspired and heartened by the amazing response to this national crisis.


The extraordinary circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 crisis will require the re-prioritisation and re-direction of activities, new contingency arrangements to maintain and support critical services, and new flexibilities in the use, re-prioritisation and reassignment of resources in the telecoms sector.

Spectrum Telecom is committed to working through these challenges over the coming period. 

Spectrum Telecom will be providing continuous services during the Covid-19 pandemic. To that effect, we have implemented a Response Team that is monitoring and managing all COVID-19 related issues.

We have adapted our Business Continuity Plan to conform with Government advice to adopt social distancing with identified employees working from home.