Project: Tetra Project – Ericsson links
Location: Ireland Nationwide
Client: Eir Mobile

Spectrum Telecom Installations Limited has been awarded a Transmission project by one of our main clients Eir, which will see us to help and provide support in the upgrade of the existing Tetra emergency services transmission network. This project has delivered many of the new Ericsson 6000 series links requested by our client.

Over 2 years Spectrum, the project covers surveying and installing 250+ new links as well as assisting with the migration of all sites onto the newly installed transmission equipment and into the Tetra network.

Spectrum will also carry out the de-commissioning of all the redundant Tetra links as part of this project.

The completed project broadens the network for the emergency service departments across Ireland and enhances coverage and response times.

Project Deliverables

  • Upgrade existing Tetra emergency services Transmission network
  • Delivery of 6000 series links as requested by our client
  • Surveys of 250+ new links within year one of project brief covering:
  • Full Site surveying
  • Drone surveying
  • LOS Surveying
  • Installation of the 250 new link sites as surveyed within year one and two of project brief
  • Migration of all sites onto the newly installed TX equipment and into the Tetra network
  • Decommissioning of redundant Tetra Links
  • Fault finding and emergency maintenance
  • Warehousing and logistics management of equipment

Challenges and Solutions

  • Mostly coastlines and rural locations – weather dependency, access particulars with different sites, will require careful planning and logistics management
  • Line of site is weather dependant, so time-scales could be compressed. Spectrum with its in-house crews, will support any necessary acceleration of project time frame

Radio transmission installations are a core competency and service offering for Spectrum. We have completed 4500+ transmission installations on PDH and SDH telecoms networks, for mobile operators and private network providers. Our team has experience over a wide range of vendor equipment.

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